How fast the world is changing

In October of last year I published a post on a study conducted by Pew Research Center on the reading and library habits of those aged 16-29.  In that post, (linked here) I cited part of the study that covered how this age group reads their books, e.g. in a digital, audio or the old fashioned way by holding a REAL book in their hands.  I questioned the future of our public libraries and how they might have to conform to keep up with modern technology.  I asked, “what might our libraries look like, 10, 15 or 25 years from now?” I offered a possible answer to that question. Guess what?  Some of my assumptions are coming to pass and I’m definitely mixed in my feelings about it. See what you think.

NPR reports that in San Antonio, Texas there are plans to open a “digital-only” library in…

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The New Dating: Casual and Technological

The New Dating: Casual and Technological.